Fireplace Remodeling

Whether it’s just a simple update or a re-fresh to replace builder grade materials such as slate with Granite, Marble or Tile and a new Mantle or a complete upgrade from a drafty old masonry fireplace to modern materials and converting to gas, IRIS can do it all at an economical price and the upgrade will save your energy dollars as well.

Let us turn your existing  fireplace into the showpiece of the room or entire house that it can be for far less investment  than you think. IRIS can suggest materials and methods to get the WOW factor without the WOW price tag and make it more energy efficient as well.

Cold or Drafty Fireplace? We can fix that! We run across many pre-fabricated wood burners and gas fireplaces that the builder never insulated behind leaving you with a metal box in your living room that is virtually exposed to outdoor temperatures resulting in cold air infiltration in winter and hot air infiltration in summer causing higher than normal energy bills for you!

Call today for an in home consultation to see what IRIS can do for you and start saving today.